Consumer Electronics Industry Overview

Consumer electronics are becoming a necessary component of our way of life. Our goal is to make life smarter, faster, and simpler.

The adoption of contemporary gadgets and consumer technology is causing the consumer electronics (CE) sector to evolve daily. Smarter consumers demand new items to be as efficient as possible. To satisfy modern consumers, industry leaders must be customer-focused and offer seamless, individualized products.

Consumer Electronics Trends: According to a PwC analysis, the Indian market for consumer electronics and home appliances is predicted to expand at 10% CAGR through 2022. The Make in India project has helped India's design and production of consumer electronics, and as a result, the sector will experience rapid growth over the next five years. E-commerce is also a factor in the rising demand for and sales of gadgets and consumer goods.

The most popular categories in today's consumer electronics market will be those that are relatively complicated and innovative, like smartphones, wearable technology, video game consoles, home appliances, automobiles, Bluetooth-enabled music equipment, storage devices, and charging stations. For the success of the product as a whole, embedded hardware and firmware design for these systems or for a portion of the system requires domain and system integration skills.

The development of embedded designs for consumer electronics products such as mobile chargers with charging stations, advertisement displays, and more is a specialty and experience of madtechitsolution. To create items that are both reasonably priced and provide solutions to problems faced in daily life, we constantly concentrate on meeting the needs of consumers.

Our Consumer Electronics Expertise

Automotive Electronics

Product Design solution for Parking Assistance, Safety System with Sensors, Vehicle Infotainment Systems which support Time, Capacitive Touchscreen Display, USB, Bluetooth Connectivity, Music, Video and more

Charging Devices & Wireless Charging

From modular power banks to charging panels to wireless charging, we can be your product design partner for next generation charging solutions

Video Game Consoles

Hardware solution for gaming console for consumers or casinos to provide rich gaming experience with robust & low maintenance hardware

Our Home/Industrial Automation Product Development Services and Technology Expertise


  • Consumer Electronics Hardware Design & Development
  • Firmware & Software Development of Consumer Products
  • Hardware Design Review
  • Testing of Consumer Products
  • Mobile App and Cloud API Development for Consumer Electronics Products
  • Complete Consumer Product Development through partner ecosystem


  • Microprocessor, Micro-controller – STM, NXP, Qualcomm
  • RF Communication
  • Touchscreen Display – Capacitive, Mutli-touch
  • GSM/3G/4G/LTE CAT M-1/NB-IoT – Calling and other mobile phone features
  • Bluetooth, Ethernet – Connectivity
  • Sensors – Accelerometer, Temperature and more