Security and Surveillance Industry Overview

With precise, low-maintenance, and cutting-edge security & surveillance solutions, you can increase the security, convenience, and accessibility to your home, city, and place of business.

Systems for security and surveillance are the foundation of a connected home and a safe workplace. A sophisticated security infrastructure that provides remote access, real-time connectivity, and mobile security management for consumers and businesses is now possible thanks to advancements in this field. In the area of home automation and building security, we are also observing an increase in demand for automated security systems, such as automated doors, video doorbells, intruder alarms, outdoor security lighting, IoT enabled bio-metric devices, RFID/GPS tags for asset tracking systems, and many more.

Security Trends: According to Technavio's most recent report, the global market for electronic security would expand gradually with a CAGR of more than 14% by 2020. The demand for electronic security systems to deliver real-time data for improved safety and security will increase as investment in smart cities rises.

The market for security and surveillance products has evolved into a services market that offers customization, new design, testing, installation, and maintenance in addition to product sales. The development of a cost-effective and scalable solution combining proven chip modules, modern processing software, and integrated analytics tools is essential to the success of this services sector.

RF Transmitter for Avionics Industry, Android based Bio-metric device, and remote tracking products like RFID based Vehicle Tracking are just a few of the difficult products that Madtechitsolution has experience designing for home/enterprise security and surveillance systems. We always put a priority on providing customers with security and surveillance solutions that are reliable and strong.

Our Security and Surveillance Expertise

Access Control System

Product design expertise of biometric access control system which can support various identifiers such as Fingerprint, Face Recognition, Hand & Finger Geometry, Iris Recognition, Voice Recognition, Signature Recognition and RFID.

Video Surveillance Systems

Design and Development of Digital video surveillance devices supporting night-vision, 4k technology & wireless/wired infrastructure as well as IP security cameras with video management systems for DIY home security system, motion activated systems, indoor/ outdoor security and public safety.

Asset Tracking and Scanning Systems

Asset tracking and scanning products/solutions ranging from laser/ image barcode readers and scanners, video encoder/decoder to RF based devices and remote tracking devices

Our Security & Surveillance Products Development Services & Technical Expertise


  • Hardware Design & Development for Security Devices
  • Firmware & Software Development for Security Solutions
  • Performance and Power Optimization
  • Testing of Security & Surveillance Products
  • Mobile App and Cloud API Development & Integration
  • Complete Product Development through partner ecosystem


  • BLE, Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet – Connectivity
  • GPS – Location Tracking
  • Sensors – Accelerometer, IR, Ultrasonic, Microwave, Optical Motion, Proximity, Glass Break, Smoke & Heat, Temperature, Shock & Vibration, and more
  • Automation Protocols – ZigBee, Z-wave
  • Other Protocol – RFID, NFC
  • OS: Android, Linux
  • GSM/3G/4G/LTE CAT M-1/NB-IoT – Calling and other mobile phone features