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It is important to highlight that customized hardware design is essential to the success of every next-generation product design in the field of electronics product engineering, which can be divided into embedded software and hardware design. We have provided outstanding hardware design solutions for our clients in a variety of industries, including consumer products, surveillance, automation, and IOT, using our cutting-edge hardware design best practices and processes.

We at Madtechitsolution take on every difficulty for our clients and provide best in class hardware solutions, from designing a system to locating the ideal partner to build the bespoke hardware product using the best hardware components. With the help of our knowledgeable and experienced hardware engineering staff, we can produce high-speed PCB designs and hardware product designs more quickly.

Key Features

Controllers & Processors

Video SoC 8-bit / 16- bit/ 32- bit micro ARM Cortex A8/A9, M family TI DSP NXP I. MX family FPGA


Ethernet HDMI/ Video/ Audio I2C/SPI, RS232/RS485 USB, Bluetooth, BLE, Wi-Fi Zigbee, Z-Wave, Sub-GHz, RFID, NFC

PCB Design Software

Altium Designer Eagle

Embedded Hardware Services - Key Offerings

In order to build your products, Madtechitsolution makes sure that the best processors, microcontrollers, and other hardware components are chosen.

Every component used to make your items is hand-selected by us. From the CPU platforms to the microcontrollers, our team of hardware specialists chooses the best parts.

With the help of our partner ecosystem, we assist clients with production designs, power optimization, certification support, as well as manufacturing support, and produce excellent embedded hardware solutions to match your needs and that can be scaled in the near future.

  • Feasibility Analysis and Component Selection
  • BoM Optimisation and Estimation
  • Multi-layer PCB Design
  • Power and Performance Optimisation
  • Enclosure and Casing Design
  • Aesthetics and Usability