Healthcare Industry Overview

Electronic healthcare goods and solutions that are connected, safe, effective, and simple to use will improve people's health.

The healthcare sector is embracing the expanding trends of connected healthcare, personalized health care, advanced sensing technologies, and internet of things (IoT) support in healthcare products. Automation adoption in the sector has aided in the development of mobile healthcare electronic products and solutions for hospitals and homes.

Healthcare Trends: According to Transparency industry Research's most recent analysis, the global healthcare industry will likely grow at a CAGR of 8.8% from now until the end of 2025, when it is expected to be worth US$58.98 billion.

By replacing manual clinical tasks with services like real-time patient record access, quicker/earlier diagnosis, remote monitoring, and remote treatment, automated solutions have proven to be beneficial. By boosting productivity and clinical service quality, embedded medical devices and solutions are now a more economical and effective alternative for hospitals. Personal care has improved thanks to the integration of IoT in the healthcare business, which enables personalized healthcare for individuals. The pharmaceutical industry has even evolved with accurate data storage and real-time access.

For in-house healthcare products like the Pain Relief Device, solutions for hospital and pharmacy store automation like the Medicine Storage & Refilling, and remote patient monitoring products like the Fitness Monitoring Device, Madtechitsolution has experience and competence in developing embedded hardware designs. By creating embedded healthcare solutions that are trustworthy and centered on people, we always strive to address the major difficulties facing the healthcare sector.

Our Healthcare Expertise

Therapeutic Electronics

Embedded healthcare devices with wireless connectivity, relevant sensors, developed for early diagnosis, real-time monitoring and medical emergencies.

Healthcare Wearables

Wearable device design and development for trending application in the Healthcare Industry such as Fitness & Sports and Healthcare & Wellness

Hospital and Pharmacy Automation

Automating incoming and outgoing stock by tracking, distribution, maintenance and billing in pharmacy stores and hospitals.

Our Healthcare Product Development Services & Technical Expertise


  • Hardware Design & Development
  • Firmware & Software Development of Healthcare Devices
  • Performance & Battery Optimization
  • Testing of Healthcare Devices
  • Mobile App and Cloud API Development
  • Complete Consumer Product Development through partner ecosystem


  • BLE, Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet – Connectivity
  • GPS – Location Tracking
  • Sensors – Accelerometer, Pressure, Flow, Image, Gyroscope, Bio-impedance, Heart Rate, Oxygen, Temperature and more
  • Automation Protocols – ZigBee, Z-wave
  • Other Protocols – NFC, RFID and more